Thursday, March 05, 2009

U2- No line on the horizon- 2009

I am one of those U2 fans that has most of the catalog but dont find myself really listening alot to U2 on a regular basis. I admit they are a great band and have some songs that move me. However, I do not grab for a song from U2 in a moment of sadness or happiness. That to me usually defines if a band is a favorite or not to me.

The exception in U2's catalog is the mid 80's CD "The Unforgettable Fire". I listen to that CD because its moody and atmosperic and hits a note with me when I am in one of those kinds of moods. There have been several U2 cds to follow since "fire", with different producers and sonic textures. It looks like they have finally decided to step back into my "zone" so to speak.

The new CD ( $3.99 on amazon!) is mostly midtempo rock . The exception is the single "sexy boots" which on the surface sounds kind of weak on the radio, but in this collection of songs , really clears the deck and a nice change of pace. As I mentioned above, I enjoy a more moody sound from this band. It delivers on this tone about 75% of the time. I especially like the song "Moment Of Surrender" and the line " Its not that I believe in believes in me". It just grabs me from beginning to end. Many of the lyrics are simplistic like this, but in the context of the song are powerfull and emotional. The Edge's guitar work is unique as always. A+ in my book, a CD I will find myself playing often.
Standout tracks.
Moment of Surrender
White as snow
Cedars Of Lebanon


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Glad you liked it. I do too. What I don't like is that they will be doing their shows in large stadiums this time. U2 outdoors does not appeal to me nearly as much as indoors. Oh well.

Seano said...

You highlighted the exact 4 songs that I did in my own review...and Unforgettable Fire is by far my fav U2 album as well...we have alot in common......

Lori said...

Wait just one minute....
Where is YOUR post? You know what I mean!

Ms Hen said...

........the weirdest thing.... I never listened to rock music growing up.. I thought Led Zeppelin was the name of a person not a group until 5 years ago..

But at 42 when I became single again (at 41)(5 years ago)I did for 15 month date a rock star (ex) one (some of his music went gold in the 80.. well he was the drummer.. not the pop star.. and a VP AR in the 90s)...on and off. We fought too much .. :)

I keep promising myself I'll learn all about the music of the 60s 70s 80s..90s.. and than I go back to reading books. I don't even own a CD player; just on lap top.

My 2nd boyfriend after being single again did not make it that high.. but he did have a band that opened for Skid Row in the 80s for a few nights.. and he instead entered a plumbing business (he was the drummer again).

My 3rd boyfriend love music .. he was one of the first strippers / dancers of the 80s.. lol. (of course not when I met him at 47 years old and I was 44.

My last boyfriend for a year.. was lead guitar and singer just for fun in Battle of the Bands and at bars...

When I was dating each they all introduced me to new music.. the last made me hear Jethro Tull.......never even knew who he was until a year ago.. (fantastic).

I don't know why in-between relationships (each was around 15 months)..(a couple overlapped).. I should still listen to music... because it is so peaceful and vibrant.

The last boyfriend always played the guitar and I wrote some songs and he made music for it.

My best platonic guy friend is 63 and he and his girlfriend come over for dinner here every 4 or 5 months and bring their guitars too.

He made me hear Bob dylan alot.. I love the one God on Your Side.. about wars .. etc.

I'm 47 and did not grow up with music.. except for Country Music I would secretly listen to because my friends hated it.... and only put on Disco music.. lol.

I bought a Janet Joplin CD for my laptop last year.. I like her.... I should listen to it now.. get MUSIC back in my LIFE. (and not just when I'm dating someone... lol).

i love you blog.. very positive energy......

I don't know what U2 plays.. but I did read last year he and Bill Gates want to do a lot of humanity work .. and he won a peace prize or something. (very good man)..