Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day: Dad

Its been around 6 weeks since my Dad passed away. I miss him and yet it still hasnt really hit me that he is really gone. The weeks would go by sometimes when he was alive and we would not talk. Only because we were busy in our own worlds. However, I always had the knowlege that I could call him and we could catch up at any time. It sometimes feels like that, and I think the phone will ring and we will be all square. Its when I realize that it wont, that I start to feel sadness and tears.
We have made arangements to have Dad's cremains buried in his birthplace, along with his Father, Mother and Brother. I feel very glad that we will be able to "bring him home" and have a place to pay our respects as a family.
I feel when we do bury him, it will provide the closure that I need. I carry alot of things within me that are related to my father. If you look at the pics. That first one of me with the fish is something my Dad was very proud of. I was never the fisherman that my Dad was or my Brother is, but I would always go when the 3 of us could be together. I usually didnt catch much fish, but I knew and the other 2 wasnt about the fish, it was about the bonding together. This pic was shot by my Dad, he was so proud of me to catch a fish that was the big one on the boat! :-) The bottom pic is of us with our cameras. Yeah, I was a little bit younger....but certainly a chip off the old block. We both loved snapping pics and did up until the very end. I keep that love alive.
Love ya Dad....Still feel your love daily.

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Thanks for continuing to share your dad with us. That was one good looking fish :)