Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gov't Mule @ The Zoo 7/15

Set 1

Zoo Jam


She Said, She Said->Tomorrow Never Knows Jam

Wandering Child

Larger Than Life->If 6 Was 9->Larger Than Life


No Need To Suffer

When Doves Cry->Beautifully Broken->When Doves Cry->Beautifully Broken

Set 2

I'll Be The One > Blue Sky Tease

Banks Of The Deep End

Trampled Underfoot

Fallen Down->The Other One Jam-

Drumz-> with Warren, Jorgen and Danny on percussionDrums->

Kind Of Bird

Thirty Days In The Hole /I Dont Need No Doctor


Into The Mystic->Soulshine Reprise

Another great night with Gov't Mule. A perfect night for a outdoor concert, 70 degrees and no bugs! The only thing that marred a otherwise perfect night, were some old people that wanted people to sit down,when 90% of the place was standing. Oh well...:-)

Highlights of the night : Great version of Led Zeps "Trampled Underfoot". The perfect mixture of Princes "When Doves Cry" into Mules own "Beautifully Broken". I have heard this mix before on recordings, but this is my first live one. Loved it! The middle section of "Larger Than Life" that morphed into Hendrix's "If 6 were 9", was to be the top of the nights mountain.

Lowlights- The traditional 10 minute drum solo is getting a little boring to me. Love drummer Matt Abts, but I just get a little distracted and unfocused during this part of the show. A very minor lowlight.

Another lowlight has nothing to do with the band, but concerts in general. Crazy elbow throwing bad dancers! Good lord, if I could ever go to a show where I dont get blasted by one of these goofballs, I would be shocked! Its like I have a dancing with the uncordinated stars magnet in my pocket!. Last night was the classic "frat boy with a beer in one hand and a crackberry in the other hand" running in place and elbows thrusting into my side. Lets just say I made him lose his beer by the 2nd song. :-) ( he didnt have a ticket for the seat next to by the time he went to get another seat! hahaha!

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drewzepmeister said...

Gov't Mule is a GREAT band! I had the blessing to see them in concert backing up Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes in 2000. Right before Woody Allen died. Awesome show! I didn't really know who they were back then. The show enough generated enough interest to me to become a die hard fan!