Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New Mule

1. Broke Down On The Brazos 6:19

2. Steppin’ Lightly 7:10

3. Railroad Boy 5:03

4. Monday Mourning Meltdown 8:08

5. Gordon James 3:48

6. Any Open Window 4:45

7. Frozen Fear 5:48

8. Forever More 4:17

9. Inside Outside Woman Blues #3 9:04

10. Scenes From A Troubled Mind 7:23

11. World Wake Up 5:54

Originally slated for release on my b-day ( July 28Th). The lads have delayed the CD until Sept. something. A little bummed by the delay, but I will make do by seeing them next week ( July 15Th). Once again, I expect to have my musical buffet plate well filled by my favorite live band. No opening act, all Mule and its in a very funky place. The Minnesota Zoo! Now I know what you are thinking. What no wild bird show as the opener? Sad to say, its the only decent amphitheatre in the twin cites area. Its actually a great place to see the show, and the lions roar when the tunes are hitting the spot! :-)

As for the above CD. It was recorded down in Texas at Willie Nelsons studios. "Broke down on the brazo's" features a blazing guitar duel with ZZ Top Lead Beardtarist Billy Gibbons. The rest of the Cd is supposed to have a more southern rock feel than other mule releases. I hate to even put this stuff into a catagory. From the titles of the song, looks like some good deep stuff. Me likey!

Ps- My Brother and Sister in laws took in a Mule show a couple a nights ago. On top is a nice shot of drummer Matt Abts. Thanks!

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Marcia said...

Sorry Mike,

I thin I got it right now. That is a link to photo I took of
the Mules outdoor concert in Peoria the other night. Great Fun!