Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hendrix Show- Acid Elvis

Ernie Isley

I enjoyed last nights show, 3 plus hours of screaming guitar solos and some sketchy vocals from guitarists that should stick to playing guitar. I had a good time people watching ( St. Pattys day and old dudes making grimicing guitar faces) and being impressed by the interpetations of Jimi's music. From Joe Satrianis abilty to make spaceship and alien sounds ala Jimi on "Third Stone From the Stone" to Kenny Wayne Sheppard's Showmanship ( and lest not forget,Jimi WAS a showman, not just a guitarist) to Ernie Isley's teeth playing version of Amazing Grace. It was an wild evening. Below is the setlist.

Stone Free – Billy Cox, Ernie Isley

Message To Love – Billy Cox, Ernie Isley

Manic Depression > Amazing Grace – Ernie Isley

Power of Soul – Living Colour

Crosstown Traffic – Living Colour

House Burning Down – Eric Johnson

Bold As Love – Eric Johnson

One Rainy Wish – Eric Johnson, Susan Tedeschi

Are You Experienced – Eric Johnson, Will Calhoun

Fire – Jonny Lang, Brad Whitford

The Wind Cries Mary – Jonny Lang, Brad Whitford

Spanish Castle Magic – Jonny Lang, Brad Whitford, Susan Tedeschi

I Don’t Live Today – Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Noah Hunt

Come One – Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Noah Hunt

Voodoo Chile > Voodoo Child (Slight Return) – Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Noah Hunt

Can You See Me – David Hildago

Little Wing – David Hildago

Killing Floor – Hubert Sumlin, David Hildago, Susan Tedeschi

Purple Haze – Robert Randolph and Sacred Steel

Them Changes – Robert Randolph and Sacred Steel, Billy Cox, Corey Glover

Third Stone from the Sun – Joe Satriani, Corey Glover, Doug Wimbish, Will Calhoun

Foxy Lady – Joe Satriani, Living Colour

All Along the Watchtower – Joe Satriani, Living Colour

Red House – Billy Cox, Joe Satriani, Brad Whitford, Robert Randolph, Will Calhoun

And in keeping with the acid soaked theme of this post....check out this puzzling Elvis Presley movie clip for the song "The Edge Of Reality". Check out the horrid talking dog and the nasty outfit the poor dude had to wear to even look like a dog ( nice budget...$1 store perhaps?) I do like the song...sang it a fair amount as a kid. Yeah, weird.... but at least I never talked to a dog for advice....oh wait..I have done that! :-)

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drewzepmeister said...

Glad that you enjoyed the concert! That's one heck of line up of artists there. Wish I was there...