Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I take a real guitar lesson

Last night I decided to take a break from my self teaching methods and get a "heat check" with a real instructor. I spent the 30 minutes showing my teacher what I had and what I didnt. It was a good jumping in point. He left me with some good stuff to work on and was supportive of what I was doing on my own. It was pretty low pressure stuff and I know I will come back in a few weeks.

I will say this about playing a guitar. There is nothing more rewarding than playing something right after hours of playing stuff that sounds like a monkey dragging your plugged in guitar across a cage! Its tough to sound musical and worthy of someone elses ears....let alone your own. Even though there are many moments of frustration and cringe worthy performances, I am totally hooked and love to hold that thing in my arms and try to create.

Below is a video of the instructor I worked with.....no I didnt rock any cello.

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BeckEye said...

I've been trying to learn guitar too. I've heard that just learning the basic chords and trying to play songs right away is the best way to learn. Is that true? I can play maybe about 3-4 songs, but they're all pretty easy. And I know nothing about forming chords and chord progressions and all that jazz.