Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Week In Review

With such a serious would think my week was pretty deeeern important!

Work was its typical grind.....I REALLY need to find something else to do for a living. I am a man of many talents and skills. Unfortunatly....focus and career direction has been a problem. Please drop a prayer or 2 in for me to get better in that area.

On a much more uplifting note. This week in music was a big gold star for me. I am getting a bit concerned about how deep I am getting into the Black Crowes. This band just keeps amazing me and holding my interest. I mean....with the tons of music I have around...I usually mix things up very regularly. Maybe its been the sorta up and down emotional thing I have been going through...but the crowes deliver on all of the will just be happy I have em!! :-)

Back to the gold star stuff. Black Crowes DVD came out this week. The Black Crowes "Freak and roll into the fog". First DVD for these guys and it captures the energy very well. Great sound and shot in Hi-Def. Yes you get to see the Chris Robinson "chicken dance"! ahhh what entertainment!

Picked up a great CD. Govt Mule. Debut-

I have other 'Mule' cds. This one simply blows you away. If you love gritty vocals...and 10 minute songs filled with grab your throat guitar solos. Get it! NOW! Warren Haynes is a great talent that deserves to be heard! Turn it up....clear your head!

Received a very nice email from my good friend Jeff . Its always such a good feeling to hear from him. It makes me miss my hometown. I need to go back there in the near future and see some of the people that I grew up with.

The pic I am including is a shot of Jeff and I when I was very young and tan!

Thanks to the people that read this thing......I do appreciate it!


Bar Bar A said...

I loved these photos of you and your buddy! What great memories, sitting in a photo booth with your friend making funny faces. Thanks for sharing it here.

I just said a prayer for you about your job situation. Don't let you talent and gifts go to waste!!

gopman said...

I'm in the same boat, partner. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Ummmmm. when does my royalty check get issued for that picture?

Michael said...

uhhh the check is in the mail! :-)

Lori said...

aw..cute! I used to love those photo booths! (OK, I STILL love those photo booths, just can't find anyone to go in there w/ me anymore!)

Glad all is well and you are musically set! TT - Lorster

Anonymous said...

Follow your dream, your talents, your interests and give some lucky employer a chance to utilize your God Given Talents!!!

Prayers are important; but ACTION is the magic word!!!