Monday, March 06, 2006


I dont usually cry over sports figures. Today I cry.

One of my sports idols has passed away. Kirby Puckett. At the young age of 45.

I had the privilige of watching many of his games in person. I never ever felt cheated of my money when I was able to watch him. He played the game the way I loved to watch it played. Hard, fearless and with passion. At 5'8 and the shape of a bowling ball...he captured the hearts of everyone that watched him. Hardcore fan or Grandmother that was attending her first game.

For those who dont know his career...he was forced to retire after glaucoma in his right eye blinded him at the age of 34. He was inducted into the hall of fame in 2001.The street that runs past that wretched Metrodome is named after him.

Life after baseball was not a easy adjustment for Puck. His image became a little tarnished ...and his health was worrisome to many that saw him.

Yesterday he suffered a massive stroke. One day later he is gone. My words are hard to come by at this moment.

Thanks for sharing your love of the game with this guy that grew up with you. I hope you knew how much you were loved by all.


JAX said...

that's so young. How sad. Sorry M.

gopman said...

I can understand how you felt. Even though I always hated seeing him come up against the A's (seems like there was ALWAYS guys on base too)he was so much fun to watch. I remember the last day of the season in 1989. I was in the Oakland Coliseum watching the A's and Puck and Carney Lansford were dead even for the batting title. Every time Kirby came to bat, they would show it on the big screen. He went something like 3 for 4 and Lansford went O-fer. Puckett won the title with a .339 to Lansford's .336.
Thank You Kirby for all the great times.

Michael said...

The GOPMAN! So glad to see you here! My longest lasting pal in the whole world!

You have made my day!


Lori said...

Wow....he was about my age.

Sorry about this loss in your life, Mikester.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike..I am a little late at writing a comment about Kirby..Dick
& I were at the San Franciso Giants/USA spring training game. The hospital that they brought Kirby to by rescue squad, was right
across the street from the stadium.
He was a great player & person. The
kids will be here next week. Can hardly wait. The pool will be heated. the family. Love ya..Mary