Friday, March 10, 2006

Scary Pictures of Chris Links!

Ok....I love the Black Crowes (duh...Mike has been on a rant about em since oct.) but frontman snap a scary photo from time to time!

Exhibit #1- The glam bowie...meets raccoon eye makeup thing.....errrr not makin it!

Exhibit#2- My fave...Stoner triangle!!!! Check out the concentration as he launches into yet another 15 minute "angle" solo ( really this band isn't prone to this....TRUST ME!)

Exhibit #3- This shot is from the late 90's By your side era. One of my favorite 'Crowes' Cd's...released when I was going through a rough time.....the cd spoke to me! ( I just got ill re-reading that spoke to me stuff!) didn't sell very well, and one of the reasons why was the decision to dress the band like they were in a HERVE VILLECHEZ -TATTOO FROM FANTASY ISLAND TRIBUTE BAND!!!!!!!!

I have added some links to the right-
All music is a great reference for any type of music.....hence the name ( duh pt2)
The black crowes.....great picture and triangle reference :-)
You on videos....type in any band or musical artist....and you have some great underground videos.......there is a great Prince/Michael Jackson/James Brown jam in there....just type in Michael Jackson....should get you there. Anything else you find in there....I take no responsibility!!!! I aint your Daddy! :-)


Bar Bar A said...

Mike, thanks for stopping by to comment on my blog! I will be back to read more of your posts soon, looks like a great place for me to visit.

HEY! My boyfriend lives in Redlands! When I saw the name of your blog I thought "nah, it can't be that Redlands" How long ago did you live there???

Lori said...

Hey Mikester! I have been swamped so haven't been on to read or write much lately. Thought I'd let you know I'm still here and kicking! Hope you had a great weekend..