Tuesday, July 11, 2006

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!!!

I feel like like leaping like Pete Townshend!

Yep! I GOT THE JOB!!!!!

For those that have not purchased my leather bound 996 page autobiography. I have been working my last 2 jobs in a warehouse. I have learned skills that I never thought I would ever be able to do. I have learned that some people that work in those enviorments break many of the stereotypes associated with those kind of jobs and I learned that a hard days work is a reward that shouldnt be undervalued.

That said. I never really loved my job. It had its perks ( I was able to use my huge music collection daily and play DJ to my coworkers) and its frustrations. I spent 7 years doing something that never really made me feel much more than "its just a paycheck". I wanted and expected more from myself, but had a hard time finding something that I wanted to stick my neck out for. I tried a couple of times for other jobs within the company that I work for. Only to find out that 1. it paid less and 2. after hearing in total what the job was about....it wasnt for me. I truly believe that God had me experience these things for a reason. I accepted those disappointments and just kept looking for a fit. I found it .

I will be a customer service rep.

I am excited about this because. I get to use my gift of gab. I am able to use my computer skills and I am able to be in a job where I feel like a professional again.

I am proud of myself and happy to see the sun shine again. Like all of the jobs I have ever worked, I will give it my all.

Thank you to all of you that prayed for me during this period of searching and frustration. I truly felt your energy.


Anonymous said...

Kudos, Congratulations, and Life truly is a JOURNEY!!!!

Some people never ever realize this concept and they are always in the "life dealt me a lousy hand" concept.

Keep up the good work but above all keep up the attitude that God has given you talents and you are giving him the credit for these talents and you will use them in all situations.

I am so very pleased with your new position and your insight into life!

Love, dad

BarBarA said...


I knew you had it so this does not surprise me in any way shape of form, but that doesn't make me any less thrilled for you!!!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS MICHAEL!!!! I tried sending this before, but being ELDERLY I didn't do it right. I am very happy for you on the new job, but then, I knew you would get it, as I so willed it!!! My love to Cheryl and Steven, Mavis(aunt maisie)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Michaelangelo!!

Michael said...

thank you to all that left such nice comments!!!

Aunt maisie...I knew you could do it!!! :-)

I will be starting the new job in about 2 weeks!