Friday, July 28, 2006

So much stuff going on!

Its been busy busy in the Young household!

The last week or so we have had my Dad and his wife Nancy in town for a visit. The weather has been brutal hot ( yeah I know....its been hot for the rest of you also!) and we have have had very high humidity. So.....lots of movies in the AC and very quick trips outside with the dog for "potty breaks". Also... to make the heat even more warehouse job ( yes I am counting the days to start my new job) is NOT airconditioned. Full sweat through the shirt by about 30 minutes at the job! What a nice mental image I have provided you! :-) The good news is that my new job will be airconditioned. Progress!

Tonight we are packing for our family vacation to Washington DC! Of course the heat will follow us but....we are young and tough!!!! :-) I am really looking forward to going out east for the first time in my life!

And lastly.....even though its a national holiday to some....there are a few that dont know that its my birthday. So to those poor unfortunate few!


Make sure to have your chairs out early so you get a great view at the Michael Young Birthday Parade! Ahh yes its so much fun for everyone !



Anonymous said...

hey, you're a lot older than you told me you were. what's up old man??? Have fun on your vacay!

BarBarA said...

Where are the pics of DC?

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, much has happened since I checked in with you! GOOD stuff, too! I'm sorry I've been so absent. This no computer thing really stinks. :-(

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Albeit, late, I know. But I'm sending my best belated your way and hope that it was a wonderful day for you.

CONGRATS on the job! That is so, so awesome and I'm really proud and happy for you! I feel like a really rotten friend because I haven't been around to support you through the job challenges - old and new - but know that I'm sending my best thoughts your way.

Was Washington D.C. the greatest?? I've never been to the east coast either, so hopefully you saw it for us both. I bet it was a wonderful experience for you all and I'll be excited to hear about it.

Guess I should've sent an email instead, huh?! Take care of yourself, and hopefully I'll learn how to link one of these days so I can get all my favorite people on my blog.

TT, Mikester!!!