Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gov't Mule


I settled my head on my pillow at a late 2 am this morning. It was a late night, but not a long night. It was a great concert, full of music that kept me on my feet and electric feeling that only powerful music brings.

The show was opened by Donavon Frankenriter . I was very surprised at how much I liked this guy. His set was very bluesy and had a throwback 70's synth sound. His singing is pretty laid back and most of his songs are along that line. I will be checking out his 2 cd's that he has released in the last couple of years.

Best crowd line of the night " Nice Hat #$#%$^%!" credit goes to the drunk biker behind me that didn't like Donavon's floppy leather hat. I thought it looked cool, but it would look lame on me. :-) I didn't feel it was needed for me to argue with the fashion conscious biker lad.

A quick note on the venue. The O'shaughnessy is located on the Campus of St. Catherines. Its usually a place that has concerts like Joan Baez or poets like Mya Angelo. Who knows why the Mule was playing in such a nice place??? Not a stain on the carpets or seats.....ushers that looked like they were running security for a Don Ho concert....just seemed a bit weird.....but a great venue to see the show. Sound was tight and not a bad seat in the house. Sad to say...but they will have to clean the carpets..... ( I kept my area nice and tidy!)

At 9:15, Gov't Mule hit the stage.

I will post the setlist below and give some nifty comments!

Set 1
Thorazine Shuffle- A great song that went from a slow burn to an all out screamer.
Banks of the deep end-
32/20 blues-
Child of the earth- Off the new cd- love this song..
Gameface-Mountain Jam-Gameface- epic version of the song...with ABB middle
Unring the bell- another new song....was hoping they would play this....Funky with a capital F!
Endless Parade- The run of great songs continues....
Reggae Soulshine- They play the original alot....this version ( regagae) was a treat!

Set 2

Bad Man Walking-
About to Rage-
Brighter Days-
another song I was hoping to hear......loved it
Like Flies-
The End-Drums- The End- Yep, the Beatles Abbey Road classic....10 minute middle solo!
So Weak So Strong- This song really hit the lyric...have played this alot at home
Bad Little Doggie- I had the opening guitar riff in my head for a couple days before the concert
Mr. High and Mighty
Brand New Angel-
Another great song with a very emotional solo in the middle/end

All Along The Watchtower- with Donavon Frankenreiter and Eric Brigmond

After almost 3 hours of music and the clock nearing 12:30 am....this late nite Jazz/Blues verson of the Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix classic...was the perfect way to cap off a great night. It lasted about 12 minutes and seemed to go by waaaaaay to fast.

Words on a page really never capture the whole feeling of a concert. Trust me....this was a keeper!

Off to the WHO on Friday!

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Anonymous said...


Hey that Donovan dude is playing near me soon - should I go? He looked pretty hot and if he sounds good too might be worth it.

So glad you had fun!!!

2 more days till The Pretenders!