Friday, December 29, 2006

Sprucing up the blog!/ Christmas recap

If you look to the can see that I have added a counter to see how many people actually look at this thing we call "the blog"! I have also added a list of music ( called "music of my mind") that I am currently listening to. Yes, you can either look into it and see if you might like it....or do as most.....shake your head and say...."why doesnt this guy listen to anything that I have heard of!" :-) Last but not least.....I have updated my list of links....I will be adding more to this at a later time. The new version of blogspot is very easy to use and customize. (Otherwise I wouldnt be doing all of this spucing!) Ok....enough spruce talk!

Christmas was very nice. We spent Christmas Eve at my Moms, along with My brother and his family. Most of us were "under the weather" and not 100%, but had a great time laughing and EATING! Christmas Day was pretty low key, Cherols brother and his girlfriend were there and we had a fun time watching Steven play with his new gifts! ( I had a stiff neck and walked around like Frankenstein all day!!! very attractive!)

We received snow about 3 days before Christmas. Not much, but enough to pass as a grey Christmas. So we have got that goin for us! :-)

On Christmas Eve, the priest had a very interesting sermon. The main point was to NOT try and strive to make Christmas perfect. In fact, realize that like everyday, the day will be filled with imperfections. Enjoy the day, love the moment. I loved the message. I hope that many were able to just relax and let the blessing of the day wash over them.

Just a few days left in 2006!

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Anonymous said...

I like the new look, it feels much more personal and fun. Keep up the good blog work.

See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya,

Chrissy la Roo