Sunday, December 17, 2006

Steven does great at his piano recitial!

Seated next to Steven is his piano teacher Ms. Larson. Today Steven played a very nice version of "What child is this?" He is so fun to watch, mostly because he seems to love playing. He tells me that he doesnt get nervous at all, ahh he must have some of the old mans performing blood in em! :-)

*UPDATE* received this email this AM, from his teacher. Makes a parent proud

"Just wanted to again say that Steven played so well yesterday. One minor little glitch, but who cares! I was so impressed that he was able to play such a hard piece, but then again, he is Steven! I hope you noticed the difficulty of his piece and the others his age. He is playing well over his age level and I am proud of him."

Ok....enough bragging for now. :-)

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