Friday, February 09, 2007


I have tickets to see this band! I thought their debut CD was one of the best of 2006. A nice cross between early Zep/Black Sabbath and The White Stripes, these 3 Aussies know how to deliver it live. As you can tell by the pic....they are high energy and the guitarist does a pretty good "Pete" leap! :-)

One nice thing about seeing "young" bands like are cheap...and they usually play like they have something to prove. Should be a fun night.


Layla said...

I'm jealous...again.

Also, please warn me if you are going to use the "A" word in your post. I am still having a few withdrawal symptoms.

Mellissa said...

Oh I finally found your blog again!!

Hope you are doing well!


(bookmarking now!!)

Lori said...

Ted is going to be so jealous!

HA! Hope all is well with you, buddy. It's been awhile. Drop me a line when you have time and catch me up on life. I'll be updating on mine soon.

Niters, Mikester!