Friday, February 02, 2007 warming

Wow....what a catchy title!!!

Well after all of this talk about HDTV and home theatre, I am sure you get the idea that I like to watch a movie or two. Between my Netflix 2 at a time program ( those of you that dont know of Netflix yet....check it out ) and the occasional traditional go to the theatre thing.....I see a fair amount of movies. Good and BAAAAAAD.

Here is a quick little list of some recent films that I liked.

1. Little Miss Sunshine- Quirky, funny, sad and about dysfuntional familes!!!! What else could you ask for!!!!

2. Dreamgirls- I like a musical once in a while. Even though I love to sing...I dont usually break out into song whenever something important occurs (maybe I shoud!) , so if you get past that little "weirdness" and get into the strong performances ( yep, Eddie Murphy will actually remind you that he is talented!!!) and the parallel between the Motown will love it!

3. The Illusionist- Interesting story about a ( yeah you guessed it!) and his love for a girl he loved in childhood that was royalty and was shunned from because he was of a lower class. The movie moves past that well worn plot and gives some surprises that make this movie a good one to catch. corner closed. The Superbowl.....Bears vs. Colts..... I am rooting for the Colts....only because I happen to like Tony Dungy as a coach and as a person. But, in reality.....I will be happy whoever wins.



And last but not least, its -3 degress here today.......GLOBAL WARMING IS A SHAM!!!!! Please, people around the world....use your spraycans and open a bigger hole over Minnesota!!!! I am beggin ya!!! :-)

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August Goddess said...

You are so bad Mikey ("use your spraycans, etc...")

It's freezing here too. They cancelled school last night.

The game was very exciting at the beginning. I lost interest before halftime, I actually missed the Prince show when I got caught up in "You're the one that I want".

I know!

Anyway, I just rented the Illusionist. I heard it was pretty good but haven't watched it yet.

I hope you're happy about the Colts.