Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Today its your birthday!

Its my sons birthday!

Like all parents, its a bittersweet day when your child has a birthday. You look at your child and see how much they have changed and matured, and also you are reminded how fast time passes by. You reflect on those early times when he or she was just a infant and they looked at you as the center of thier world. Witnessing first words,steps and other milestones. It all seems like yesterday as you look at your growing child.

This past weekend we took Steven and 5 of his friends to the Target Center to see the Minnesota Timberwolves beat the Washington Wizards. We were able to get his name on the scoreboard and get down on the floor and snag some autographs. For most of the kids it was the first professional basketball game they had ever been to. I know they had a good time ( and yeah...Dad had a blast) and Steven was all smiles.

My Son gives me a very different perspective on my world. He is a very kind and gentle soul, who never seems to be angry or cynical. I look at him and love him for his uniqueness, and want to protect that in him. But I know that I have to let him take his own path and experience the world. Its the challenge all parents face, to want to cushion and protect and yet let your child grow and experience hardships so they are prepared for what "real" life will deal them.

Happy Birthday Steven!
Your Dad loves you more than anything and is so proud of you!


BarBarA said...

This made me cry.

You are a good father - and that's the most important thing you can possibly be.

Happy Birthday to Steven!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday, Steven!

They certainly do grow up way too quickly. Enjoy every moment.

Slone said...

happy b-day Steven! (just a little late) Your dad is a big ol softie!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike:

As your father and grandfather of Steven I cherished each word that you wrote.

Your "parenting skills" and insight into life and ability to see and guide are so very special and I can only use your closing words to say Your Dad loves you more than anything and is so proud of you!