Sunday, May 06, 2007

A retraction

Please note:

In my last post I reported that Kyle Petty had not finished in the top 20 all year. After many phone calls and angry emails, I must print this retraction. Jeff, I am sorry. I was waaaaaaay out of line and must extend my most heartfelt apology.

Kyle Petty finished in the top 20 earlier this month. Today he finished 25th. But that is beside the point. :-)

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Slone said...

As always, you prove to be a big man!! a funny story about KP,at the 1996 Brickyard 400 in Indy Kyle had an extremely hard crash on the 39th lap. Rescue workers had to remove him from his car and put him on a stretcher. Kyle roared in pain when the rescue workers tried to lift him from the ground. The safety workers asked him "what's hurting?, is it your leg or your neck?" "No" Kyle said "someone's been standing on my ponytail while y'all trying to pick me up". Soon after he began wearing a shorter ponytail.

Check out my blog for a bitter sweet KP post about today.