Monday, May 28, 2007


This photo was taken at the Vietnam War Memorial last year. Lets hope this war ends soon and all of the people that are putting their lives on the line for us return home.


Lori said...

My stepdaughter is dating a marine who will be leaving soon for Iraq. I, too, wish the war would end so she wouldn't have to see him go and so all those who love someone in peril won't have to worry any longer.

Mellissa said...

I think these bronze statues are so amazing. Bronze is my absolute favorite type of memorial because it polarizes the fact that they are US, they are not words etched into marble or a flag. They are the build of your brother, the height of your neighbor, they are so beautifully captured that way.

I was at Shiloh, the big Civil War battlefield in Tennessee and they had a bronze statue and I just sat there amazed - at how much they were like the men fighting our "war" today.

Some things never change - war is one of those unfortunate things that men make (no offense)...


August said...

Make love, not war.

Of course you are a true blue blog friend Michaelangelo.

Peace out. (PS, i added stuff to todays post whilst you were commenting.)