Thursday, May 31, 2007

Minnesota State Fair Concerts

Every single year we go the "The Great Minnesota Get-Together". We see the cows and the pigs and the food that takes years off your life and have a great time. Personally I enjoy people watching, how many "Im with stupid" t-shirts I can count and how many people I can count that have a mouth full of teeefers. Its always fun!


This year, in addition to my little people watching games...I have a couple of great concerts to go to.

AUGUST 28th- Allman Brothers- w/robert randolph band .

I commented to some of my music buddies that this would be one show that I would have to see if they came to the Twin Cities. You all know about my Gov't Mule thing...and Warren Haynes does double duty for the Mule and the its the best of both worlds for me. Also, Derek Trucks is one of my fave. young guitarists. He is also in this band. They put on great shows at this stage in their career and they will have my rapt attention!
UPDATE: Purchased tickets this past weeked row 26 in front of Mr. Haynes!

AUGUST 30TH- B.B King, Al Green, Etta James

I love Al Green and have seen him once before in the late 80's and have yet to have the pleasure of seeing Etta and BB live. How can you go wrong with this lineup! 3 legends that can still deliver and not make you cringe. I am in the 15th row center for this one! Cant wait!


Lori said...

15th row, center stage? You go, Mikester! Sounds like it's going to be a good one. Make sure you update...

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

I'll be in MN in August to see the A Bros !