Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Music Music Music!

I will be quite the music critic in the next couple of months. My live music dance card is booked quite nicely and I am excited to see some good shows. Let's examine what your pal has on tap, shall we?


Kenny Wayne Sheppard w/ Corey Stevens. 10/3. "I have seen him once before when he was a wee lad opening up for Peter Frampton (1994 to be concise on my dates). He is now a little older and still is a great artist to watch. Should be a great night of blues and better yet, its right down the street from me".

Metallica W/ Lamb of God 10/13. "My first Metallica show. I am excited to check them out. Bought tickets about 6 months ago for this sold out show. Will be wild and loud. Funny how I really like these kind of shows now that I am considered an old dude! Hahahah!!! By who?"

KISS W/ Buckcherry 11/7 "I am so excited to see this show. Because KISS is my sons FAVORITE band. The tickets cost me a ton. But how can you lose when you have your boy by your side and watching him have his rock and roll mind blown by these guys!"

Steely Dan (Aja. Performance) 11/8 "Yes it will be quite the contrast from a night of KISS to see the no frills and yet great musicianship of Steely Dan. It will be a night of a complete performance of the classic DAN album AJA. I would have preferred they did a complete run through of my fave THE ROYAL SCAM but I had no choice in the matter. Still very tuned up for this!


Stay tuned for reviews!


BeckEye said...

Ugh, Metallica. Well, I shouldn't say "ugh" overall. Mostly "ugh" to that shithead Lars. But they really do kind of suck now. I saw them with Guns N' Roses back in the day and it was great. I can only imagine that now it would be...not so much.

drewzepmeister said...

Looking forward to the reviews!

Saw Kenny Wayne Sheppard back up Skynyrd in 1999!

My son wants to go see Metallica, but I won't let him. (He's 12)

Kiss-I'd go to see them only if Ace and Peter are with the band.

Steely Dan-now that's something I'd go to see!