Thursday, October 08, 2009

Kenny Wayne Sheppard W/Corey Stevens- Review

Sorry for the delay on this, but it ended up being a evening that left me feeling a little cold.

Its hard to explain when you watch 2-3 hours of music and it just never catches fire with you. The word proficient comes to mind. Corey Stevens put on a good show, it was never embarassing or cringe worthy, it just never got out of 2nd gear for me. He played his regional hits ( Blue Drops Of Rain, It's Over) and they satisfied the masses, but as far as going to another level...It didnt happen.

Kenny Wayne was more of the same. He seemed much more interesting when he played songs that were by other artists ( Hendrix etc). His original material was ok when he soloed, but his lead singer was very mannered and looked confused as to where his spot was in the band. He would sing in the wrong places and acted like a dufus.

I ended up leaving early after I had had enough. Not the worst concert I have been to, the tickets were cheap and my Mountain Dew only cost $2..not a total loss! :-)

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