Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Late night listening

Do you ever sit in the middle of the night and listen to music? When I feel down or have too much on my mind, I love to sit in the dark and let the music take me away. Here are 10 random nocturnal choices.

Al Green- Is Love. Songs about love and faith, the confusion of both. It's a soothing listen that I go back to time and time.

George Benson-Breezin: Lush and soothing. Perfect tonic for a rough day.

Jeff Buckley- Grace: Even though his songs and voice are full of angst, I find it great late night listening. Personal favorite "Last Goodbye".

Marvin Gaye- Vulnerable. I could pick any number of Marvin CD's. But this is a CD that is full of late night gems. Check it out.

Miles Davis- A Kind Of Blue: Maybe a cliché choice. But it's made for this kind of list.

Sam Cooke: Night beat. Title speaks for itself. Music that sounds like it would be played in a smoky bar in the early 60's.

Stevie Wonder: Music of My Mind. The track "Superwoman" is a favorite. Just a piece of music that gets me every time.

David Gray: White Ladder. Wistful songs of love. Low key, but not totally sleep inducing.

The Derek Trucks Band: Soul Serenade. CD full of moody instrumentals that require quiet listening.

Warren Haynes: 9-03-07 Aspen Co. LOVE this CD. Acoustic versions of everything from Costello's Allison to Black Sabbaths War Pigs, he also mixes in some great alt versions of Gov't Mule material.

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drewzepmeister said...

I would take Bruce Hornsby and the Range "Scenes from the Southside" and Supertramp's Even the Quietest Moments