Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas Decorations Are In Place!

The Youngs humble abode is all decorated for my favorite time of the year. Christmas!

Looking at the picture, you can tell that its a family affair. My job is to decorate the outside ( Lights...inflatable Santa and Snowman...and slide projector) and to put up the tree with lights and wooden beads. Cherol and Steven hang the numerous ornaments.

The house looks great!

Thanksgiving went very well. Plenty of food left over! My Mom, Cherols Mom and Dad and the rest of us gathered together and had enjoyed the day! What else could you ask for!

Snow is falling outside my window as I type. I love snow this time of the year. But once the New Year comes......I could just as well do without it! Ahhh yes, the inner Californian still exists! is the shopping going???? Who is done??? Who has started????? :-) I am about 1/3 of the way towards finishing...not bad!


Anonymous said...

Great Picture!!!! Move over Norman Rockwell and get ready for The Mike!!!

Some tough sledding here in California... no snow!!! yuk, yuk, slap thigh...

But I know it is getting close to Xmas because we have had some rain and a few foggy mornings already!

Also, the Xmas movies are appearing on TV...

Sooo,,, I better start something.. Well, maybe tomorrow!!!

Lori said...

You're ahead of me...and I am STILL decorating! I've been working a lot so have to do it in spurts. Looks like Cherol and Steven are having a grand time!