Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Christmas Gift.

Sit down. Call the neighbors. Put a cold compress on your head. Mike got something music related for Christmas! SHOCKING!

What you are looking at is the Tivoli Sirius AM/FM radio. I have been scouting this thing out for the last year or so. Its very small in size, but has a nice full sound.

Ok, so big friggin deal. Its just a radio! No, No , No it isn't. Its a Sirius radio. Satilight radio my friends! 140 channels of radio without commercials and music that you don't hear on your local boring station. A dedicated Elvis station, Blues, hard rock, soul etc..... I love it. And yeah, Howard Stern will be on Sirius in January. ( I purchased some headphones to be kind to the rest of the house that will not appreciate it ) :-)

This radio is in my bedroom because I love to listen to music at night. So far the reception is very good ( had to fish the antenna outside my window to get a strong signal) I even hooked up a CD player on it so I can enjoy my own cds. I still have a few bucks left.....may hook up a sub. and really make the house shake.

I smell family meeting! :-)

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