Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Years post from Pete Townshend

Below is a edit of a post from
I found what he said to be very close to what I feel at this time . Yeah...he has a Adrien Brody like nose...and you know who I am talking to out there!

Happy New Year to everyone who visits here. I've had a good year. I wish some of my brothers and sisters on this planet have better luck next year. Faced with the sheer magnitude of trouble on the planet, it's good to remind myself that there are now more than seven billion of us. We are mostly well behaved, kind to each other, work to help each other or provide a service of some kind. Kids all over the world smile almost every time a camera is pointed at them. We aren't doing bad. We should remember that. This not to suggest we should rest; but there is a lot of joy out there.

What I have in my life is comfort. Tidings of comfort and joy. Comfort doesn't necessarily bring joy, especially if one is constantly made to feel ashamed. Comfort without joy is not a lot of use. So let's try to make the needy out there more comfortable, even if we can't fix their problems at one stroke.

Message to the political, ecological and journalist doomsayers: if you make me feel ashamed, I start to slowly but surely kill myself. So give it up. Tell me I can help. Tell me I can change things. Tell me my vote matters. Tell me the people I put in power can be influenced and steered.

The main point is.....see the good....understand the evil....dont let the media dictate what you can and cannot do in this world.

Now go out and make 2006 the best for you and others around you!



Lori said...

Will do!

Anonymous said...

Me Too!