Monday, January 30, 2006

Renewing a old love

Even though I am a total hopeless romantic type. This isnt a tale of a lost love found. Well not in the romantic sense. But, rather my renewed love of taking care of my self through exercise. For about 2.5 years I had a great habit of going to the health club 5 days a week to work out. I loved it and really craved that time to myself. I lost almost 40 lbs and felt better than ever.

Then....I lost my love ( violins play here)

I began to love Mcdonalds. Taco bell beckoned my call and seduced me away from my healthy living. My temple of a body ( laughing) began to look like a dirty old house. It was sad, the great foundation that was built was shaken and tossed aside. Memories of the good days were a distant memory.

But like all great true loves. The love never dies. As much as you try to block those memories...they are always there....if you choose to remember them. Yes...the health club has welcomed me back with open arms. Forgiving me for my past transgressions and trusting that I wont make the same horrible mistakes again.

I have lost 8 lbs and am finding my way back to the place that makes me feel complete! Thank you Health Club! Its good to be back in your arms! ( See how a romantic can make a trip back to a health club sound like a Oprah book of the week! not bad eh!)


Spider Girl said...

This is the kind of romance I can really cheer for. Here's to your health! *downs a glass of carrot juice*

I'm on the road back myself after sliding off the wagon last year. Luckily, it wasn't TOO big of a slide. :)

Mellissa said...

OMG Mike,

That is too funny. You and I are in the same boat (well, I didn't get on the McD and Taco Bell wagon) but I have returned to the gym. I was spinning for an hour last night - and the zone was awesome. Too bad my legs are like stone today ;-)

Keep up the good work and CONGRATS on the 8 lbs!!!


Lori said...

Hey Mikester! You need to come over to "Busted Can of Biscuits". A bunch of us are over there trying to support each other in weight loss/healthy lifestyle choices. This member is struggling, however!

It's all women that are contributing but hey...a guy's perspective couldn't hurt (We'll try not to throw things when you pass us in the weight thing, though!)

clew said...

Hi Mike! This is Clew, I started up Busted Can of Biscuits. We'd LOVE to have you! I posted a reply in comments to you about joining as a team member if you'd like ... Hope to see you again! :)

naive-no-more said...

Hey Mike,

Finally getting a chance to check out your real blog after meeting you on Busted Can of Biscuits.

Funny post! See ya.

JAX said...

Yer so silly Michael! I wonder if my gym will welcome me back with open arms