Sunday, February 05, 2006

Simple Joy

Spent today with my wife and son. We did the usual things on a Saturday. Lots of running around and looking for stuff that is needed. Some of it is fun and some of it is just plain tedius at times!

My wife is a smart woman. She knew we were in a area of town that we dont get to often. She also knew that there is a very small little record shop that I LOVE to duck into . I know that this place isnt her cup of tea. But she understands.....she sees the look in my eye as I thumb through rare old albums and imported bootleg DVDs of concerts!!!!! It was a very nice gesture.... a simple joy!

By the way....I resisted purchasing two WHO DVD's and a ALICE COOPER DVD. Man, I have grown up.....uh sorta! :-)


Lori said...

These are the kind of moments that life is made up of. And how nice of her to indulge you in your fancy!

Hope you had/are having a great rest of the weekend! :-)

clew said...

Awwe, your wife's a keeper! :)