Monday, February 27, 2006

New Purchase....

The CD to the right is my latest addition to my small little collection of music!

Derek Trucks is a young guitarist that is currently playing with the Allman Brothers Band. His uncle Butch is a founding member of that band and one of its 2 drummer attack. This is Dereks 3rd solo release...21 years old and talent to burn.

If you love gritty slide guitar...the kind that makes the paint peel off your smooth Wes Montgomery type jazz cording....or love world music. Check this young man out. This release is more along the line of a jazz CD. But not the kind of jazz that you listen to and think "I better say this thing is cool because it makes me sound sophisticated" kind of jazz. This hybrid of jazz and blues/rock is very easy to swallow!

I found it for $4.95! Another hidden treasure dug up by your music guru!!!!

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JAX said...

little small collection... HA!