Monday, January 08, 2007

Video games

Before I get too far into this, I have a side of me that is immature. I have come to grips with it, embraced it and accepted it. Dont you all feel better???? Good, now read on. :-)

This year I received $$$ for Christmas. I usually ask for $$ to buy one big item gift. This year I purchased a XBOX 360 video game system. As a old school gamer from waaaaaaay back into the Pong days ( remember that huge console and the wires hooking up to your parents TV ???) being facinated by the pa- plink sounds and blips??? Then becoming a instant friend of any kid that happened to have a Intellevision gaming system??? Maaaaan have things changed.

Let me track the systems I have owned. ( bless you for putting up with this topic!)
1.pong-great basic fun
2. Commadore 64- My first PC (uh sorta)...blew my eggshell mind :-)
3. Sega Genesis- Loved this system...very fun and affordabe
4. Playstation- liked it...wasnt as great as Sega
5. Xbox- was first in line for it...didnt sleep in a sleepy town...was lucky!!
6. Xbox 360- read below

What I really love about the 360 is that they ( Microsoft) have finally made a system that takes the best part of PC gaming ( online downloadable content) and gaming consoles ( great graphics and dependable performance) and put it into one box. As stated above, I have owned the xbox for years and (gasp!) really had got to the point where it was starting to gather dust. This new system has reignited my enjoyment of playing games again. I bought a VGA cable that enables me to hook this up to my computer monitor ( High def graphics!!!) and my speakers with subwolfer!! I have actually played some NBA 2k7, online with other xbox360 users and its a blast to be playing with someone other than the computer. ( I dont know if I am being beat by a15 year old....but I dont need this info!) :-) There is a option where you can plug in a headset and talk to the person that you are playing......sorry, I still am not that geeky!!!

The controllers are wireless.....its great to not have to worry about the dog or whatever tripping over wires and getting the wrath of kahn from me! Steven and I have enjoyed the system quite alot....I dont let Steven use the online gaming....its a bit rough out there....and he doesnt need that ! Do I???? OF COURSE! :-)

2007....the return of Mike the gamer???? maaaaaaaaybe :-)


Slone said...

You know I still have the original Atari that we used to play, in my closet? MAN, I should have dug out the ol space invaders when you were here!

Mike said...

now that is why you and I are the party kings of central cali!!!!!

Lori said...

Hey Mikester! Yes, there is a pulse, believe it or not. Thought maybe Santa would bring me the net for Christmas, but perhaps I've been a tad too rotten - ha!

Keep on keepin' on....sooner or later (but probably later!) I'll be back. Drop me a note sometime.

August Girl said...

We don't have a 360. Just the regular Xbox that a friend gave us when he got his 360. My son and hubby are the only ones who use it. I like games but my problem is I get too addicted and I realistically only have time for one addiction at a time.