Sunday, January 21, 2007

The end of a era.

The era I speak of is the good old non cable ready tube television.

Today I purchased a new televison to replace the one you see above. I have to admit, I feel a little sad about having to replace it. Its like seeing a old friend go away.

Now why would Mike get all misty eyed over a Tv???? (no tears...but it makes for entertaining writing) Well, I have had this TV since 1983. It was my first major electronics purchase and I remember how proud I was when I first plugged it in! Yeah I remember dopey stuff like that, and I also remember thinking I was so cool to have my own TV.

I bought it at Sound of Music on 12/13/83 ( sound of music was the original name of Best Buy....trivia for ya kiddies!!!) for $449.00. A Sony Trinitron 17' model.

24 years later....its lost its crisp picture and has a long crack in the cabinet. I have had to use my VCR as a tuner for years and years to get cable ( remember this was a non cable ready model) and its taken a backseat to several other TV's over the years.....but its always been my favorite.

Friday it will be taken away....but it will always be in my heart.....

Thanks for the memories ! :-)

( Ps....I bought a new samsung for about the exact same price as the old tv....tons of features and about half the weight.....I can only hope that I get 1/3 of the life I got out of the relic!)


Layla said...

Congrats Mike!

May your old boob tube RIP.

My TV is 17 years old and the screen is small and kinda blurry but I can't get a new one at this time.

August Girl said...

Hey look at me. I remembered to visit. Aren't I special? I can't believe you had a TV since 1983. I thought the TV I've had since 1993 was pretty good. It died about 3 years ago. They just don't make things the way they used to.