Tuesday, January 16, 2007

24/American Idol

So, tonight is the first night of American Idol. While I am not a fan of the robots that show churns out season after season. I LOVE to watch the first week or two. The bad singers ( ala william hung and the classic 'She Baaaaaaaaaaaang' renditon) are the best part of this show. My wife thinks its mean that I take such glee in a persons failure, but I tend to beleive that most of these people come into this sort of thing with eyes open. Anyway, its probably the best comedy show of the year.....check it out!!!!

Tonights show focuses on the Minnesota Auditions that were here in town last Sept. ( yeah, I know I will be hooked after week two and ride this show out to the end.) So, how many of you out there watch this show??? How many of you watch paula abdul and think...."how in the world can this woman judge what a good singer would be?" and "how many adult beverages has she consumed before wobbling on camera??" I think Simon is the only one that actually knows what talent is, Randy on the other hand........too many "DAWG YOU NAILED IT" and " It was aaaaaaaaigh....but a little pitchy in the middle" to have me believe that he even cares.

24 is back on the air. I love this show. Great writing and it never bores me. Jack Bauer can get out of any situation!!! How many of you out there watch it????


BarBarA said...

The year that Bo Bice and that other dude (Constantine?) were on I never missed it. Even though my fave was this hunky buy named....I can't remember, but he had long hair and was so talented.

Other than that - I don't do much TV

Slone said...

I gotta confess, I have never seen either of these shows. I have seen parts of AI but never more than 5 min at a atime. I don't watch 24 cuz I know I'd miss a show and be stuck. Now I do watch Cowboy U, (kind of a AI on bulls!) but if I miss a show it will be on again two or three more times that week.

Anonymous said...

Jack is back and it is hard to see his back whipped and hands burned and not sure of himself; whether he can or can't... But; and I say But; it wasn't a total shock to see him rise to all of the situations and perform with split second decisions that proved that he is the "true leader" of this planet...

Move over Arnie because I have a feeling if Alec Baldwin doesn't make a political move soon Jack will be our next PRESIDENT!

Anonymous said...

HI MIke..Dick & I agree...We only watch American Idol for the first
two weeks. The Best!! We are also, hooked on 24 & will not answer the phone even if it is a call from Minnesota. Dick hates all of the commercials, so we do see some sports in between. The weather in AZ is finally getting back to normal. We had a touch of
the Midwest the last few days, but still managed to golf. We are such
"whimps" when is comes to 50 degree
weather. Hope all is well in the
Young household. Love ya...M&D

August Girl said...

I agree with you on enjoying watching the failures. I actually just wrote about that this morning.

I missed the Minnesota auditions.

You already know I love 24. The only downside is how it gets more gory and graphic every season. The one of Jack biting a chunk out of that dudes neck was a little too "Silence of the Lambs" for me. I also cried when Jack shot Curtis. Poor Curtis. Poor Jack.