Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Beginning of a new era

As you can see, I have my new Samsung television in place in my home theatre! The bottom pic is of my Sony that is now freshly mounted in our bedroom.

I decided to make the switch with the Samsung from its original intended location ( the bedroom) to the home theatre because it is a High Definition Television. I have been slowly building my home theatre for years and years. I absolutely love being able to sit down after a day at work and watch a movie or a game and make the house rattle! :-) HDTV is just the next step in moving with technology. Its kinda scary how lifelike the images are in HI-DEF, you can see every little blemish or imperfection.Plus it transmits in digital sound ( 5.1 on some stations!!) In 2 years all television stations will be forced to send all of thier signals out in digital instead of analog. So, its coming people.....even if you really don't want it! Fortunately, even if you have a "old" analog tv...the cost for a converter box will be cheap, and the signal is free! This made my decision to buy a HDTV a easy one. Rather than paying even more to the cable company($10 a month extra) to provide me HDTV programming...I found a indoor antenna after some research(TERK HDTVI $39.00) that I just sat on top of my home entertainment center and pointed at the local towers, and bingo!!! I have 10 channels of HDTV( just missing 1 channel that the cable would have provided me). Yep, Mike will be watching the Superbowl in style and saving $$$$$!

Hope that didn't bore ya too much....but I am like this. When I get into something....I get into it big and learn as much about it as much as possible. So if any of you have questions.....I am full babble fire away! :-)

My old TV ..see the post below.....met a ugly end. The Circuit city dudes that came to deliver ( hey they had free delivery!!! I am usually not a wimp!) the new one and take away the old one....dropped the old one on my front step and it broke in about 5 pieces right in front of me. Kinda bummed me out to see 24 years of care get smashed in front of me. Well, bummed out until I plugged in the new one. :-)

The Sony that I mounted in the bedroom is a great TV. I actually like the picture on that one better that the Samsung, when playing regular cable. I will probably have to get Digital cable for the sammy.......but that will have to wait.... When came to mounting the SONY....I had to buy a new bracket that could support a 107 lb TV. Not a easy task...most are rated for 90. Good ol Menard's had one for 130 lbs....and cheaply priced....$45. So I mounted that bracket...and in a fit of "incredible hulk" like strength...hulked the tv up on the bracket myself!!!

I hope this wasn't too boring! I know I am excited by it....but when I talk about it...I see the glaze on peoples eyes start to form quickly!!!!!! I know....I do the same thing when I hear about Oprah! :-) Little joke there!


BarBarA said...

my eyes aren't glazed I just want to know how much it costs and how I get one and what I have to do. I have an old TV that has a crappy picture but I am not one to spend money on stuff like this...but...dang it would be cool to watch a DVD the LOOKED good.

Congtrats, glad you are happy with it.

August Girl said...

huh, wha????

Oh, sorry, I fell asleep... just KIDDING!

That is very exciting about your new tvs. You need to get the wires inside the wall though. Know any good electricians?

Slone said...

DUDE! The Atari games would look sooooooo boss on that TV!!

Anonymous said...

Great Job Mike! Looks sooo nice and I know how you are and how much you enjoy.... Soooo do enjoy because you deserve it... Love, dad