Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Moment

I have often been told about living in the "moment". I believe in it and often try to subscribe to that mindset. Its difficult to do, as we are conditioned to prepare for the future and look back at the past as source of comfort or pain. As you become older, you realize how fragile the time is that we are granted on this earth. We dont know how long we have, there are no promises.

This was brought into focus for me last week, as both of my parents were facing medical situations that were very serious and troubling for all concerned. It made me think once again about the moment. How great it is to just enjoy what is right in front of you and to not worry about the future or the past. Enjoy the loved ones you have and forget all the crap that gets in the way. I am very lucky to have relationships with both of my parents that are not complicated with grudges, anger, or frustration. But I see many that waste this precious time with those issues and never make peace with loved ones until its too late. Its very sad to me.

My father is still battling issues with his health, prayers are appreciated if thats what you like to do in your life. Kind thoughts are appreciated also.

Enjoy the gifts that are given.



Barbara said...

Great reminder for all of us. Just prayed for your dad, and your mom.

Lori said...

You are right on here, Mike. It seems like a lot of people are needing prayers for parents as of late....and it is so very difficult to see them struggling with health issues.

Adding yours to those I pray for...


Anonymous said...


As I type this I feel very proud to have a son like you Mike!

Your wisdom and compassion is so appreciated and for all of the people that you touch; I know you have a circle of strength.

Faith is the other side of fear and when we realize how we are just "pawns" in this chess game of life; we also can walk thru adverse times with a bit of grace and dignity.

Your love and support is more than most parents every feel and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am truly blessed to have a son like you!!!

P.S. I also thank Barbara and Lori for their prayers and concern...

Miss Rose E Beautocks said...

Mike, your parents will be kept in my prayers! I am glad that I read is a great reminder of what I need to remember to do...letting things go that don't relly matter & living in the moment is very important! Please shoot me an email to keep Jeff & I informed on how they are doing.