Friday, February 15, 2008

My first lesson, my first taste of fame :-)

(Picture of the exact place I bought my guitar)
I decided to take a community education class. Intro to guitar. I have been holed up in my "practice space" for the last month or so, learning cords and strumming and picking. I have been encouraged by my progress, but I wanted to see if I was really doing it right.
I walked into the room with my slightly used guitar and was surrounded by students that looked really unsure as to what they were even doing. I felt pretty relaxed and confident in what I had learned as I sat there and just casually strummed the half dozen cords that I knew. I guess its what a guitar does, because within a few minutes I had a few people around me listening to me just goof around. Now, anyone that knows me, knows that I dont shy from attention. Yeah I liked it. :-) Felt like jumping up and workin the room (my Dad knows what I am talking about!)
The class itself was pretty disappointing. The teacher was a bit on the mentally ill side ( hey its community ed!) and babbled on for most of the hour. I kindly steered him toward actual guitar stuff with some creative questions ( gotta get my $$$ worth somehow).
It was a fun night though. It proved to me that my self educating is paying off, and I am on the right path. I will be back this week for part 2 of the class.
Should I bring security to hold off my fans? :-)


Barbara said...

I knew this would happen....just didn't know it would happen so soon.

Hopefully your hats will still fit but you may have to get a larger size :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike:

Loved this entry very much... Takes me back to oh so many things.

First of all I have to comment; I know God has a sense of humor because I realize how much you and I love music and I also look back on my violin years; piano attempts; uke purchases and years of strumming on all of those and then of course tonette and harmonica attempts. Oh and I don't know if I ever told you that our great grandfather played in the famous John Souza (spelling)? marching band and I was given his mandolin that he played and I even attempted that... I wonder where that even went... We could have placed it in the "Young's discards of musical instruments"... And finally I found that my best instrument for music is my stereo... But alas, have I given up... noooo noooo nooo! As I type this I look to my left with Lucky on the chair and then five inches from Lucky is our Yamaha Keyboard where I am still banging on the keyboard working on "Heart and Soul" and a stirring rendition of "Chopsticks"... And with all of that said I sit here with a smile on my face and think of your son who carresses the keyboard and knocks out song after song with such ease and grace... So hence; The Big Guy in the Sky is smiling at us and watching our "Musical Journey"!

So with all of that rhetoric I implore you to Keep the Faith (Billy Joel) and Trust the Process (Bill W)... Practice not perfection and of course Enjoy the Journey and those small rooms you can work and enjoy... Your moments of enjoyment will be your moments and enjoy each and everyone of them... I love you with all my heart! dad

Lori said...

Encouraging to see you are learning AND are bringing in the crowds, eh?! Good for you!

I love this picture of all the guitars. One of these days perhaps I'll learn...either that or the harp, liked I dreamed long ago..