Friday, August 29, 2008

Black Crowes- Govt Mule

Ever heard of these bands around here? Well here is a song they did together. One of my faves...Sometimes Salvation.

Speaking of the Crowes. I am going to see them tomorrow night at the Minnesota State Fair. Opening for them is a band from Akron Ohio called The Black Keys. Great 2 piece blues band. Check em out!!!!

Govt Mule? They are coming to town for 2 nights in November. Yes, I am going to both shows. As my dear wife asks "Why would you want to see the same band 2 nights in a row?" My answer is " Because they dont ever play the same show,its always a different set list and a different way of playing even the most familiar of their songs". Then she nods and walks away :-)

I am excited as always to have my faves back in town. Just what the Dr. Ordered!

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