Saturday, August 16, 2008

A guy and his grill

I had to replace my 3 year old "grill from hell'. It was catching on fire and throwing flames out from the sides. I figured I would practice good safety and buy a webber! Ahhh, yes....look at the satisfied caveman as he smiles next to his new grilling machine!!!! UGGGGGGGG Fire goood!!!!!!! :-)


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I'd like a steak, medium rare.

Anonymous said...

All you're missing now are the black socks :)
Happy Grilling you nerd :)!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Son! Great Grill and if I'm not mistaken that shirt is also the "Cat's Pajamas" and I feel flattered because I know my shirt I wore is almost the samo!!!

I Love You Mike, dad

Mike said...

I will never "rock" the black socks look. Yes. that shirt is a little tribute to my "old man". I dont wear patterned button up shirts too much. In fact I dont like how I look in that pic....but I thought it captured my primal glee! :-)

At this point...that is where I am at...tired of being a male model..time to grill and smile :-)