Saturday, August 16, 2008

A sign with history.

If you look at this sign, it seems pretty unremarkable. Its just a piece of wood that has my last name on it. But it has much more of a history behind it.

This sign is 35 years old. It was purchased by my Dad and Mom at the Fresno County Fair and it hung outside my house on Redlands ( yep, that is what the redlands means in the title of my blog). Its one of my prized possessions. I stained it and cleaned it up last weekend and hung it on my shed in the backyard. I look at it from time to time and remember back. Funny how a unremarkable piece of wood can do that.

It has indeed made its Redlands to Maplewood journey...Like yours truly.


Anonymous said...

This proves again without a shadow of a doubt the blood is thick and you haven't fallen far from the tree... Mr. Sentimental and a mind that recalls and will carry on those values of family, tradition, pride, heritage and a legacy for your Son!!! As a father I am very proud of your fathering skills... Keep it up and you will never ever regret those times of sharing and caring.

I love you, dad

Slone said...

I so remember that sign!! It hung on the front pourch! Thats so cool!
I have one much like yours, it says the Smiths then lists Jeff, Debbie, Jayson, Archie.
That was many kids ago!
Life is like a long running sit-com. Every so often a new cast member enters as an old one exits. Then some return for "special guest appearences"