Saturday, August 16, 2008

Reggie gets spruced up!

I usually groom Reggie myself. He tolerates my crude methods and occasional mistakes. I still get plenty of complements on how groomed he looks. I know he is a good looking dog, and yet I have always wondered what he would look like if done by a professional.

He got the full treatment today. Nails trimmed, hair combed, triple washed, and smart lookin bandana. I think he looks great! Here is a pic to share!


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

He looks great, just like his dad :)

Anonymous said...

As i sit here after being on this computer tooo tooo long I got a bit nostalgic when I saw Reggie... For some reason I thought of our love for animals and Cindy, TJ and Lucky is next to me with his eyes milking over and I started my IPOD and had to feed the fuel with Old Shep and Mr. Bojangles.. I know how to keep it going... Well your old man is definitely in touch with his feelings and Reggie looks great and yes you do too!!!!

BeckEye said...

Triple washed?? Boy, I bet he really enjoys that. :)

Slone said...

Reggie got the works! My mom would say, "He just came back from the froo-froo parlor"
He's looking good, but I'll resist commenting on how great you look. Dont want to start any brokeback rumors or nuthin!

Lori said...

Reggie looks fabulous. Looks like you're doing a great job w/out a groomer. And I love your sign in the post below. Those are the most valuable type of things we own, you know it?

Greetings to your dad. :-)