Saturday, February 11, 2006


Tonight I watched the opening ceremonies for the 20th winter olympics in Torino Italy.

It was the usual mix of dancing trees and skaters with flames roaring from thier helmets. Very colorful and interesting. Its very cool to see all of the different cultures come together...even if it is for a sporting event.

I dont think I will glued to the action like I used to be as a wee lad. Way back before cable....( Mikes rocking chair squeeks) there wasnt much else to watch.....SO YOU WATCHED IT ALL!!!

In other news.....HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all out there! Hope the day of love is something special!

Working out love is still strong.....encouraged by the early results!


JAX said...

Good going on the results ;)

One year they came running (& driving) through my little town with the torch. It was really cool. Well, I thought so at least.

Lori said...

I remember getting up at 4:00 one morning to drive a couple of hours to a town where the torch was passing through for the summer Olympics of...1980-something! Can't remember the exact year. I recall it was raining, but still a neat experience.

And this year...held in Italy. Sigh.
'til Tuscany..