Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sly Stone

Those of you that hung in there for the Grammys saw a real live trainwreck.

Sylvester Stewart aka Sly Stone. Legendary leader of one of my fave funk n roll groups, Sly and the Family Stone. Made his first public appearance in close to 20 years. Joss Stone...Maroon five ( geez is there NOT a tribute these people do not play) and others butchered a medley of songs...before a decent Steven Tyler/Joe Perry performance led to the announcement of Sly to sing "Wanna take you higher" you can see...decided a mohawk and a gnarly looking cast on his hand would be a good look for the evening. As he walked mouth was in agape mode. Where did his neck disappear to ???? He has the old man above the equator pants and belt cookin. Its so sad to see your idols age....and this badly.

I still held out hope that maybe he could perform. Well it was not meant to be. He lasted about 3 verses of him mumbling "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnna take yaaaaaa higher" and he left the stage. The assembled cast was forced to finish without him.

Reportedly. He left the building and nobody knows where he went. Will it be the last we see of Mr. Stewart? Lets hope it was just a bad bad night.


JAX said...

Are you serious??? I didn't catch that, as you know. Crazy... poor fella.

Anonymous said...

HI..Who is "Sly Stone"..Your mom &
I are getting too old for that stuff. What about Dean Martin? Oh!
I lost my mind for a minute. He is
gone. We are having a blast in AZ.
Hope all is well. Happy Valentines
Day!!! XOXO HUGS!! M & A

JAX said...

Dude, you really need a new post. I'm kinda sick of seeing this scary fella everytime I check your page for updates ;)