Saturday, October 08, 2005

Black Crowes Concert

Tomorrow night I am going to the Orpheum Theatre to see one of my favorite bands The Black Crowes.

Its been about 3 years since I went to my last concert ( The Who.....ticket price forced me to wait 3 years before I could afford another concert!). The Crowes have been off the road for about 4 years and have been getting rave reviews about the shows. I am sitting in the 4th row! If you are going to go....might as well see well! Tickets were reasonable....for today's prices..$50.00 ...then you add the taxes and other ticketmaster fees and you are at 63.00.

For those who do not know...lead singer Chris Robinson is married to movie actress/Goldie Hawn daughter Kate Hudson. Thank goodness this hasn't ruined the music. I am sure everyone was waiting for a Yoko Ono moment when the news broke that he was marrying her.

The Black Crowes usually play 3 hour I should get my moneys worth!

A review will follow!


McSwain said...

What fun! Love the Black Crowes! Found you through Lori's blog.

Michael said...

Welcome! Thanks for reading.