Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Checking in.

Feeling a bit of a cold coming on. Should be heading off to bed, but.....I must carry on.....for the readers....its all about my readers :-)

So far the World Series has been entertaining....baseball wise. Being that I am rooting for the Astros means that I havent enjoyed the end result of these games.....still have faith though and think the Astros have a good chance of winning a couple of games down in their home park.

The Vikings pulled off a dramatic win over the Pack. Always a big deal when you get to send a drunken cheeser home all sad, because they lost to the Purple Clad Warriors. One funny observation. The Vikings enter the field through a big inflatable Viking ship. Before they enter, the Vikings Cheerleaders run out of the ship. It gives the illusion ( now because of the Vikes "love boat" exploits) that the Vikes cheerleaders are running away from the Vikings as they chase them off the ship. Yep my nyquil sparked mind is running wild!

Bought a new CD today. Aerosmith Live at the Hard Rock Hotel. Target has a special edition that has 2 bonus tracks. All for $9.99! Very good live CD from the lads. Pick it up!

Time for your illlin author to lay down and get some rest.

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