Monday, October 10, 2005

Sunday Service With The Black Crowes

It indeed felt like going to church....for a music fan. Last nights concert was one of the best shows I have ever been to. Almost every style of music was represented in the show. Rock,gospel,soul,country was all mixed up into a 3 hour blast of fun.

Its really hard to put into words what last night was really like. I guess the best way to describe it was, after 5 songs I looked down at my arms and the hair was standing up. Chris Robinson is a total rock star. Works the mic. stand like a young Rod Stewart, struts around like a hybrid of Mick Jagger and Robert Plant....and yet is a total original. The rest of the band is playing better than ever.

Below is a setlist of the show....I will give some short comments by some of the songs.

-Set One-
STARE IT COLD -Great song to kick start the night off.
STING ME - One of my favorites...great Stones like riffs
SOUL SINGING -Cd version is a nice sing along.this live verson takes you to church for 15min.
SEEING THINGS -Another deep cut...another fave.
GO TELL THE CONGREGATION-Geez another fave....great hammond b-3 organ
DARLING OF THE UNDERGROUND PRESS - A rare electric version
NEBEKANEZER -A fun little cosmic ditty :-)
YOUNG MAN,OLD MAN -Nice percussion...
LONG LONG LONG - Brother Rich Robinson does a nice verson of the George Harrison song.
MY MORNING SONG -One of my favorites
VIRTUE & VICE - My favorite!

-Set Two-
SONG OF LOVE -Great jam
THORN IN MY PRIDE - Best song of the night....complete with drum solo that wasnt boring!

HAPPY- Nice way to end the night...nice cover of Keith Richards Stones classic.

Great hearing is back....and I still have a smile!


Lori said...

OK. So how come I don't know any of these songs?! Am I old, or simply "out of it"?!

Glad you had a great time, you rocksta!

Anonymous said...

I don't know any of your music Mike. But you sound happy and that you had a good time, so that's all that matters.

If your happy I'm happy....


Michael said...

Lori, Hard to Handle and Talks to angels were hits that you probably heard in the early 90's. You are not old!

Mom....I know you dont know this music...but you have heard so much of it over the years. Thanks for letting me do that!

Anonymous said...

The concert would have been a little upsetting for me because I would have wanted to hear "My Mother's Eyes" and of course "Glory of Love" But with such a great seat I am sure the visuals were premium!!!

So happy that you were able to attend and enjoy... That is what it is all about...

Michael said...

thanks pops! I yelled at em for a little jollie but they couldnt fit it in.....ahhh you cant have it all.:-)

Anonymous said...

You'd rather attend a Black Crowes concert than spend 5 hours and 50 minutes watching what I think (as does every Houston fan) the best game ever in the world of baseball????? ARE YOU NUTS!!!!! Have you no SHAME?????? And while we're (I'm) on the to make your predictions on how this repeat performance will pan out? GO 'STRO'S!!!!!! -d-

Michael said...

ummm....excuse me....but I did watch it! I say 'stros in 6. And no I am not just saying it cause you are the fab ms.d. Team of destiny when you win games like that in the 18th inning. :-)

Anonymous said...

"team of destiny"'ve missed your calling - you should've become a sports writer!

p.s. I'm predicting the win to be in Game 7.

Michael said...

guess I have more faith in your lads....6 games it is!

Michael said...

ouch....down 0-1 .....they better get rolling! Still have faith :-)
ms. D???? you still have it?

Anonymous said...

I just knew that after the first three runs by the Cardinals early on, the game was over for the Astros. I'm going to chalk that one up for "opening day jitters". I'd like to say that the Astros should win Game 2, but I think that they're saving all the good stuff for when they come back home to the Park, and just let the Cards have this one also. We'll see........