Monday, October 17, 2005

Random News

Its been awhile since my last post. Rather than my traditional multi-paragraph novel like ramble ( have I developed a tradition???) I will just scatter some thoughts and news.

Looks like a World Series between 2 teams that have very little World Series Experience. White Sox ( last time 1959) and Astros ( maiden voyage). Should be fun to see a couple of "greenhorns" face each other.

Speaking of voyages. The Vikings "love boat" scandal has dominated the news around here. I cant believe the stupidity of these guys. One good quote from one of the clueless lads was priceless. "uh they cant do nothin to us because we are in international waters"! He must of heard that on a epidsode of Cops or something....I am sure it wasn't in a geography class!

The Shed ( geez he is still talking about that thing!) now is spruced up with some fencing to cover the blocking and to keep little rodents out from under the blessed building. I am very proud to report that I used major power tools to construct a loft for storage and did a great job! All ten fingers are still wiggling!

Well that is all for now.....have purchased some music that needs to be reviewed.....stay tuned...I am sure you cant wait!


Anonymous said...

Good job Steven. What happened to
the Gophers? It sure was a bad week for Minnesota sport fans. Time
to clean house, after the first of
the year. We are getting our beautiful weather in Arizona. Spend
a lot of time on the golf course &
patio. Glad to hear that the shed
is about completed. Hi to Cherol.
Love ya..M

Anonymous said...

The Astros are not in the World Series yet. What could've, should've, would've went deep into the Crawford Boxes during Game 5. Glad to know that you still have your ten fingers.....I've done lost my ten finger NAILS!

Anonymous said...

Just so you "fans of the blog" will know...I still have all 10 nails. Am curious to know what you Minnesotans think about the teams going into the World Series, and how many of them are Astros fans. Will be wearing my Stros tee on Saturday! GO STROS!