Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Shed is here!

The wait is over. Our storage shed is in place!

As you can tell, its a pretty cool process how they deliver these things! That trailer had 3 full sized sheds on it, they just pull it into your yard , tilt it into place and then ( as in my case) use blocks to level it. The building ( geez calling it a building already and not a shed!) is 12x10 and was made in Millbanks SD. These two guys build them there and then drive them all the way here in the twin cities.

I am pleased! Ok enough shed errrrrrr building talk! :-)


Anonymous said...

Yea!! That is all a person would need is a hot plate & a cot. Oh!
maybe a portable T.V. or radio. We
thought that you were waiting for the lumber to be delivered, so you
could get started building it. This
is forsure the way Dick would build
it. Have a good week! M

Lori said...

Hey, I posted pictures of our shed awhile back, too! Isn't it funny how our priorities change as we get older...and the things that make us happy?!


Anonymous said...

Looks great Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you will not regret that purchase..