Thursday, October 27, 2005

Information superfrustration!

Funny how quick we become for lack of better word....addicted to the speed on which we get our information on the internet. That becomes more of an issue when that information is dependent on the ability to do a job and not just really important stuff like YOUR FANTASY FOOTBALL SCORES!.

As some of you may know, my Medical Records Technician wife Cherol, is now working from home. The journey to the point of getting her home to code was nothing short of a modern miracle! ( the movie of this struggle is in production at the moment and Mel Gibson is producing!). All of the excitement of getting home to code became a bit of a frustration when our internet connection became "all over the map!"

I started to be able to detect the sounds of Cherols chair ( she works in the computer room right above our bedroom) by how wildly it was rolling around to how good the speed of the internet was. Fast rolling= bad connection Slow rolling to little rolling = good connection. I knew if she was rolling around really good , I was about to be summoned to try and fix the connection. She starts work around 4:30am, so getting up that early for me can be a bit of a test of my normally jolly "I like to help" motto!

Well, long story short. After several dozen calls to our internet provider and 2 routers. My raspy, cold damaged vocal cords demanded that they send someone out here to look at what was going on. Must have scared them with my yodeling vocal style and they made a appointment to come out here.

They installed a new modem and created a "cleaner" connection. Fingers are crossed and the sky is now bright. Let us hope that this is the last I have to write about this topic!

My Mom is in California visiting one of my "proxy moms" Mavis Teal. Mavis is a person I will always hold dear to my heart because she was one of those that was there for Mom, Dave and I when we were going through hard times. Mavis recently lost her husband Bill and is making the hard adjustment of living alone. I am glad Mom is out there and I hope they can share some laughs and some tears.

Thats it for now!


Lori said...

Hey..hope you are feeling better. You must have sent the "yuck" down here because I have a scratchy, sore throat and a fever. Thanks, buddy!

When I go to my mom and dad's house, I get pretty frustrated with their VERY slow dial up. I would definitely not be writing a blog if I had to wait that long...would lose my train of thought!

Nice for Cherol to be working at home. I'm totally jealous! (Though I couldn't do that 4:30 a.m. way, no how!!!!!)

Michael said... is amazing that she can function at that time of the AM. The computer woes have continued. I think I may have solved it on my own. Still have a few brain cells that fire correctly! :-)