Sunday, October 30, 2005

Revenge of the computer monster.

Yep, Thursday I was fat and sassy thinking that perhaps this computer thaaaaang was in the rearview mirror. Like a cheesy horror movie, the computer monster that I thought I slayed came back from the dead!

I spent about 5 hours fixing the latest issue. Our new router was the culprit. I figured out the right settings to get it to play nice with our modem. Now we have speed on a regular basis. ( I am still listening from rustling from the deceased :-)

Spent a fair amount of Saturday helping out with Steven's Student Council. They gather yearly to help out the elderly rake leaves. We raked 2 very large yards and 2 smaller yards. It felt good to do something good!

Have all of you pushed time back a hour? As you can tell by the early hour of my post....I did! I am not a huge fan of waking up in the dark and then coming home from work in the dark. Ahhhh well I will play nice!


Anonymous said...

Computers & The Mike Man just don't mix!!!! What is that all about??? The shadow knows...

superclosetnerd said...

Wordpress or Blogger, I just can't decide. I want a blog for my site and see positives and negatives. I like what you have here and blogger's free so maybe I should just go that route. Here's my little site I'm gonna blog about-- fireplace smoking