Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bye week on the horizon..bye bye Tice???

The locals have lost another one. This time to the hands of the Michael Vick "less" Atlanta Falcons 30-3.

After a victory over the "team on the road more than Bob Dylan" New Orleans Saints, the Vikings had a little bit of optimism coming into this matchup. It was apparent early that this game would not be competitive. Tices crew looked unprepared and offered little resistance. Normally I am not one that screams for a coach to be fired, but I think if they are going to make such a is the time.

We are entering into our bye week ( for the less hardcore football fan...that means we have a week off on the schedule) and we would have some time to regroup if we were to find someone else to come in and shake things up. Owner Ziggy ( isn't that a cute first name!) Wilff is pushing for a new stadium and needs to have strong fan support to do so. Having a team that is a embarrassment this early in the season is not a product that the zigster wants to have staring his fans in the face. He needs results, and Tice will be his 'sacrificial lamb".

The pressing question is, who do we bring in? The local media has floated names like Mike Ditka ( would drum up publicity and color but is he the solution?) and Jim Fossil ( His last name tips off how I feel about his creativity). Those two names show you how bottom of the barrel we are at the moment when it comes to coaches available.

My opinion something now or just sit back and let this team finish the season 5-11 and start from scratch.

It will be a interesting week at Vikings Headquarters!

One funny little comment was made by my Mom at halftime ( I call her at that time so we can vent about the game!) she said that I "Remind her of Vikings Quarterback Daunte Cullpepper, beacuse when he makes a mistake you can see every little bit of anguish on his face!, Just like you!" Yep, Moms always know your achilles heel...that is exactly why I never play cards! My face is a "big screen" tv look into my insides!

For all those on pins and needles....18 hours until shed time! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike..Thanks for sending me your
"blog" site, again. Spent the day at Jon's in Tuscon, taking many hours of abuse after the Viking game. Yuk!! Dick could not write his comments to you, if you know what I mean. Bye..Bye..Tice. Dick
is out golfing & I will be leaving
shortly to golf. Have a good day!

Michael said...

Thanks for the note! Wish I was out on the links!