Thursday, September 08, 2005

40 year old virgin- a critical review

I was tipped off to most of what would be in this movie from other people that had seen it. Usually that is a sure recipe for a letdown, and the movie usually never lives up to the hype. However, this movie met expectations and also passed it in a few important ways.

The story is about a 40 year old guy that has never had a physical relationship in his life ( duh Mike....The title gives that away!). His secret is found out by his male co-workers and feel the need to give him all of these tips on how to get rid of such a "stigma". Of course they are not as kind as I am here in print when describing what his issue is ( you can fill in the blanks on that one!). The funny thing about this movie is that is very raunchy humor and yet it has a edge that makes you acually feel a connection to the main character. Most of these type movies will have the same humor...but you could really care less about the guy they are piling on. By the end of this movie ( and I wont give it away) I found myself root for this guy to find LOVE and not just a artificial conquest to remove the "stigma".

I would recommend this movie to anyone that like a good laugh and is not offended easy. It earns its R rating in every way and certainly isn't a movie I would tell my Mom to see.

I give it a B+!

Ahh my first review....not too shabby.

Ps- thanks to the people that have left responses!

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Anonymous said...

Whew,,, one review under the belt!

Tension is off.. Did fine and your comments and opinions are noted.

Since I haven't seen the flick I am thankful you didn't spoil it for me in your review..

Actually, I am now more anxious to see it.

Keep up the fine work at the movies..